Japan Association of Environment Assessment is the only organizaiton consisted by the members of envirnment assessment business and its concerned.

Environmental Assessor by  JEAS

1.Institution of Environmental Assessor

Institute of qualification for Environmental Assessor (EA) is specialized in the environmental impact assessment (EIA) and it is recognized by Japan Association of Environment Assessment (JEAS).

This institution was established in 2005, designed to improve the reliability of EIA through fostering of persons who engaged in EIA business, and implementing the proper EIA business. As of April 2011, approximately 430 members are acting as JEAS Environmental Assessors.


2. Qualifying Examination of Environmental Assessor

(1) The name

Environmental Assessor (EA)

(2) The department of EA

  1. Department of living environment
  2. Department of natural environment

(3) Contents of the qualification

  • Basic matter of laws and procedures at EIA.
  • Major matter of survey, forecast and evaluation on EIA and consideration of the measures to protect environment.
  • Matter for draft of assessment methods, determination of assessment methods, and draft of environmental impact statements.
  • Matter for technical management of EIA business and ethics.
  • Basic matter concerning environmental issues.

(4) Qualifications of candidacy for an examination

  • Persons who carried EIA business for 5 years or over, after graduate university.
  • Persons who carried EIA business for 3years or over after graduate post graduate school. * Persons excepting above-mentioned who carried EIA business for 8 years or over.

(5) Examination subject

     Subject Contents Form
Professional subject (Ⅰ-1)   Business experiment on EIA Description
Professional subject (Ⅰ-2) Technical skill and knowledge on EIA Choosing
Common subject    (Ⅱ-3) Law and procedure, environmental issues Choosing   
Common subject    (Ⅱ-4) Management on business, ethics. Choosing   


(6) Implementation of examination

  • Date of examination : Sunday or Public Holiday of November.
  • Places of examination : Major cities in JAPAN.
  • Announcement of test results : 1st of February in the next year.
  • Issue date of qualifying registration : 1st of April in the next year.

(7) Renewal of the qualification

  • Term of validity : 5 years
    It is required to acquire prescribed CPD units according to the institution of JEAS-CPD (Continuing Professional Development ) at renewal time.

3. Institution of JEAS- CPD

EA had to make effort to maintain or improve technical skill for carrying EIA business appropriately. The JEAS-CPD works together with institution of EA, designed to maintain and improve CPD works of EA.

JEAS is providing CPD programs widely, not only for studies, training courses and researches in JEAS, but also joining in CPD conference of construction society group. Added to, JEAS provide CPD recording and registration management service for EA.

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